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Read about the latest and greatest information concerning 0x10c!
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By albertmike Sep 11, 14
Check out how we show our thanks with weekly and bimonthly contests for an awesome community!
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By ninjagangsta_1 May 25, 12
Wake up out of that cryonic sleep and introduce yourself to the rest of the 'verse!
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By BanditKing Apr 5, 14
Give us ideas on how to improve the forums and wiki!
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By satuim May 29, 13
Share your vision of a fantastic 0x10c here!
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By kaya Mon at 2:51
0x10c Discussion
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Ponder over what 0x10c is about!
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By s3n9kun1 Sep 10, 14
Address what makes this game a game!
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Engage with others in talks about the vessels that carry us around the Multiverse!
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Make some enemies and discuss the fighting systems!
66 2007
By cat.exe Aug 2, 13
Discuss the system that makes the galaxy go 'round!
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By RunasSudo Sep 26, 13
Gather your thoughts on the best ways to earn a paycheck!
21 608
By StillNoNumber Jan 12, 14
Gossip about all the places on your vacation itinerary!
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By Nasaghast Sep 21, 13
Debrief on the organizations that will rule our little corner of the Multiverse!
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By Ganzorf Games Sep 19, 13
Speculate wildly about anything and everything concerning 0x10c!
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View and show pictures and recordings of our awesome, bleak future!
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By StillNoNumber Tue at 3:11
Post your own 0x10c art, short stories, comics, music and machinima!
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By orlof Aug 29, 14
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Finish your DCPU-16 emulator creations and show them off to the world!
30 387
By azertyfun Jun 29, 13
Share your programs with us!
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By StillNoNumber Apr 20, 14
Discussions and questions about DCPU-16.
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Find assemblers, compilers, emulators, and other developer tools for the DCPU-16!
152 2159
By orlof Jul 19, 14
Discussions, suggestions, and speculation about the developing DCPU-16.
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Learn tips, and tricks for programming in the DCPU-16!
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Play around with the built-in DCPU-16 emulator!
50 306
By Herobrine Aug 28, 14
0x10c Command
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Get new talent so your group can rule the local cluster! 0x10c related only!
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By Tasty Toast Son 3 hours ago
Update your resume and find work in your local Multiverse! 0x10c related only!
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By BanditKing Feb 15, 14
Work with others to bring your R&D projects to fruition!
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By ubernox May 19, 13
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Talk about all those fancy video games the kids are playing these days! 0x10c unrelated only!
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By BanditKing Apr 7, 14
Converse about the game that started Mojang!
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By CryptixHarbinger Feb 24, 14
Off Topic
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Take a shore leave and discuss anything not related to the Multiverse! Forum rules still apply!
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By StillNoNumber Fri at 3:19
Rave about all the latest languages, including Parlog, C++, and Eiffel!
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Chat about the tech that makes our civilization so great!
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Brag about your 16 core with the 10 meg pipe!
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By BanditKing May 30, 14
Play epic games while another trillion years pass by!
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By Tasty Toast Son 3 hours ago
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